Neat Meat

Sirloin Steak – أنتركوت بقرى

Your meat will be securely sealed and vacuum-packed individually and delivered in a temperature controlled polystyrene cool-box. Your meat will be kept beneath 4°C from the time we cut it, until you receive it, so it is always fresh and in perfect condition.


EGP215.00 EGP165.00/KG

Minimum Qty: 1


For any on the spot meal you can make the popular and delicious Piccata Mushroom with the speedy cooking meat cut the Sirloin Steak.

لتحضير اسرع وجبة يمكنك عمل الطبق الشهير من البيكاتا المشروم مع اسرع قطعة لحم فى التسوية وهى الانتركوت البقرى.


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